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Paycloud Works on Today's Terminals and Phones

No expensive hardware upgrade needed. Simply plug in the Paycloud sensor into a terminal and securely communicate with most smart phones right now. No Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or internet connection required.

Another exclusive product for our ECI merchants.

An App that Truly Drives Loyalty for Merchants

Paycloud allows merchants to reward customers for actions they see as important, not just simple punches or check-ins. It uses the ECI processing platform, so that just about any program is possible. Driving loyalty also means promoting the merchant's brand, not Paycloud. That is why the app auto loads a merchant virtual card whenever a consumer is in the store.

Get Rid of the Plastic

A big investment in cards is a thing of the past. A small fee for the artwork and the sensor gets a merchant up and running in days, not weeks. They can add thousands of members easily with no additional cost.

Multiple Merchants. One App.

The good news? You can clean out your wallet out of all those plastic membership cards. The better better news? It's easy for a merchant to grow a program from hundreds to thousands of users. To join, consumers don't have to fill out a form. They push a button. The best news? Merchants get the data immediately.

Not Just Mobile

Paycloud works with all existing ECI programs, not separate from them. Consumers who join Paycloud can receive triggered messages via email, text message or on their receipt. It also means that plastic cards will still work if needed.

Retain Current Customers? Check. Better Yet, Find New Ones

Paycloud takes the traditional loyalty program outside the store. Consumers can find a merchant on the map, join their program and see offers from anywhere. Even better, merchants can actively promote themselves with location based coupons and promotions to drive traffic. Within a single app, merchants can cost-effectively find new customers, reward them for their loyalty and communicate with them...inside and outside the store.

To Find Out How Paycloud Can Help Your Business Attract And Retain More Customers

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